Winenine has closed!

It is an incredibly sad message, but Winenine has closed as of January 7, 2021.

Winenine opened in June 2019, e.g. 18 months ago. For nine months of this period there has been the Covid-19 pandemic. Winenine managed to survive the pandemic’s first wave. At this point, we even saw some light in the end of the tunnel. Then, in November the second wave arrived. Given the increasingly tougher restrictions, Winenine ended up with no longer having any choice. We had to close. So sad but also so true.

However, even if we now have closed, we have not given up. We hope it will be possible to open up again, once the pandemic has eased. Follow Winenine vinbar on Facebook / Instagram for more information.

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Link to current menu in English

Wine is really nice in its own right. Pairing a wine with the right dish will turn it into an experience on another level.

Try our cheese and charcuterie plate with an Italian red, for example a Sangiovese or a Ruché. You will not be disappointed.

Or, why not go for one of our elegant and tasty, medium sized fish, meat or vegetarian dishes? Would you prefer a Crème Ninon? Or maybe a Steak tartare from veal? The choice is yours!

Still hungry? Then we recommend a Winenine mini pizza of the week. Ask our staff about this week’s topping.

We also offer delicious desserts. Accompany them with a glass of sweet wine and you are in for a truly divine experience!


We work hard to continuously update and offer a wide range of wines, out of which most of them are available by the glass. You can expect to find fresh and crisp whites to dense, dark-fruited reds – and everything in between.

We do have a preference for European wines and are always looking for good producers in well-known regions such as for example Bourgogne, Rheingau and Tuscany.

We are also constantly looking for new gems from less talked-about regions and districts such as for example Castile and León and Sicily, or from countries outside Europe.

If you prefer to drink something else than wine, we offer a small assortment of other beverages, with and without alcohol.


Klostergatan 9, 352 31 Växjö
0470 283 38
Opening hours
Wednesday  to Saturday 17-22
(Wednesday July 8 with limited menu)